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Our Services

Civil & Commercial Litigation | Dispute Resolution

We advise and represent clients (whether you are an individual, trading under another name, suing or being sued in a representative capacity, suing or being sued in the name of a club or other unincorporated association, an unincorporated business such as a sole trader, firm or partnership, a company or limited liability partnership registered in England and Wales, a corporation other than a company or an overseas company or corporation) on a broad range of civil and commercial disputes.

We commence and defend civil court proceedings on behalf our clients and advise on alternative dispute resolution procedures such as mediation, arbitration, negotiation etc.

We also have extensive experience in advising on corporate / commercial disputes and shareholder and partnership disputes.

Debt Recovery

Are you owed money or experiencing persistent delay in the payment of your invoices? We robustly pursue defaulting debtors (whether based in this jurisdiction or abroad) on behalf of our clients and advise them on the best available options for recovery of sums owed to them.

In accordance with the new Transparency Rules issued by our governing body, the Solicitors Regulation Authority, which came into force on 6 December 2018 you can access information regarding our charges for debt recovery work up to the value of £100,000 here.

Bankruptcy | Insolvency

Are you experiencing serious difficulties in managing your personal finances? Have you been served with a statutory demand? Are you a director of a company in liquidation and need advice about your duties and obligations? Are you a creditor of a company in administration / liquidation and want advice about your rights?

We have expertise in all areas of bankruptcy and insolvency law including: director’s disqualification proceedings, claims for fraudulent and wrongful trading and claims for misfeasance.

We are also advise and represent insolvency practitioners (whether based in this jurisdiction or abroad) and are experienced in handling cross-border insolvency matters.

Intellectual Property

Has someone stolen or are they copying the name of your product or brand / your invention / the design and look of your product and/or something which you have written, made or produced?

Copyright, patents, designs and trademarks are all types of intellectual property which we can help you protect by taking action against infringers. We also rigorously defend intellectual property claims brought against our clients.

Professional Negligence

If you have received bad advice from a solicitor, accountant, surveyor, architect or other professional against whom you wish to take action, we specialise in advising and representing our clients in professional negligence claims.


Have you purchased a product which has turned out to be poor quality, badly designed, damaged or faulty? Or have you received a poor service from a retailer, manufacturer, builder, service provider or an internet based company or business? We specialise in taking action against unscrupulous traders and businesses on behalf of our clients. We also advise and represent traders and businesses faced with a consumer claims.

Landlord & Tenant

We are experienced in advising landlords, tenants and managing agents of both residential and commercial properties on their legal rights and obligations. Our services include: pursuing rent arrears, pursuing and defending possession proceedings, issuing Section 8 and Section 21 Notices, advising on service charge disputes, leaseholder disputes and breach of covenant, disrepair and dilapidations claims.